About Us: Holy City Veterans' Foundation

The Holy City SwimJam was created by veteranTroy Pusateri, a former Navy SEAL and endurance athlete. Upon retiring from duty, Pusateri wanted to combine his two passions: supporting our U.S. Military and Swimming. 

Through his vast military and community connections Troy put his vision into action and began planning for the inaugural Holy City SwimJam held on Saturday, September 8th 2018.

Meet The Board:

Troy Pusateri - Charleston Real Estate Guru

Brian Johnston - Rusty Rudder, Co-Owner

Eric Paul- Rusty Rudder, Co-Owner

Natalie Grantham- N2 Communications

Hayden Ervin - Holy City Helicopters

Heidi Hatteberg - Competitive Triathlete 

Tom Fitzgerald - Southern Eagle

Eric Ruckel - Competitive Triathlete